The Many Types Of Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are essential for the safety of bike drivers as well as riders. The safety purposes, there are laws that make wearing a helmet compulsory on a bike. In case you have a motorbike accident, there is the threat of serious head injuries with the potential to cause permanent paralysis. To avoid such a mishap, you should always keep your helmet on when driving or riding a bike. While helmets protect the head, they also make a strong style statement about the wearer.

Full-face helmet

Among the full-face close lid motorcycle helmets, you will find touring, sport, race replica, and scooter helmets. Whether you are looking for an ordinary helmet or one with an adventurous and sporty vibe, you can easily find it. For race enthusiasts, replica helmets are available that have various patterns and designs on the exterior. If you want a lightweight helmet and wish for a snugly fitting helmet, you can choose a sporty one. For those who wear helmets for longer periods, a touring helmet is the perfect type. It also comes with tinted visors, which offer great visibility. Europeans are the ones, who mostly wear scooter helmets, which come with a built-in visor instead of a flip on. When it comes to sheet protection, these helmets offer the best.

Half Helmets

These helmets are also known as shorties. These do not have a closing lid because of which many consider them insufficient for safety. Other than giving the least protection, these helmets are also the least intrusive and do not block your eats. The wind resistance these helmets offer is also low. The most common wearers of these motorcycle helmets are those that would wear a helmet if it were not for the state law.

Helmets with three-quarter shell

The style of these motorcycle helmets resembles that of a full-face helmet with the difference that these do not have the design that wraps around the face. Police offers commonly wear these helmets. The main reason behind this is the ease of communication possible even while wearing this helmet. Removing this helmet is easy and it does not even block out the vision while doing so. The protection these helmets offer is almost the same as the full-face helmets. Commonly, the riders of these bikers are people who ride long distances on full-dress bikes.

Ideal safety with helmets

Experts are of the view that even those wearing the safest of motorcycle helmets get serious injuries in case of an accident. The solution they propose to solve this is a safety awareness course for motorcycle riders. In addition to this, there is an important need to commit to personal safety when riding the motorbike. This is another aspect with emphasis during a motorbike safety course.

For different kinds of motorbikes, the need of  helmets varies. With safety awareness, you are better able to choose the right helmet for a certain kind of bike, hence ensuring that you remain fully protected while travelling on the bike. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,,,,, or